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Its time to be honest

Jewellery pricing is broken and unfair. We’re making it our mission to change that.

Logically, you would think that the amount you pay for a ring, necklace or bracelet made of a precious metal would reflect the current value of the gold or platinum in it. It would be fair, wouldn’t it, for prices to be linked directly to the platinum or gold value per gram?

Unfortunately, that’s not the way most jewellery brands do things.

For most jewellery companies, prices are not set according to the value of the metal in their products, but according to how much prestige their brand holds. By hyping up their brands through flashing marketing, some get away with charging prices up to 1,000% over the true value of the metal.

We’re taking jewellery pricing back to what’s logical: linking our prices to the live value of gold and platinum.

Our pricing is just another way we set ourselves apart from other jewellery brands. We believe it’s all about transparency and fairness.

We use real-time gold and platinum pricing precise to the second

Each time you visit our website, you will notice that the prices for our items changes by the second. Often, you can see the price of a single ring or necklace go up and down multiple times over the course of a minute.

This is because the price you see is linked to the live international Bullion market which updates every few seconds. This means that the prices you’re looking at reflects the current precious metal price per gram on the open market.

Our pricing works like this:

  1. We know the weight of the 24k physical gold in our jewellery
  2. Our product listings are linked to the gold trading markets
  3. We set prices based on the current gold price per gram multiplied by the weight of the piece
  4. We automatically add our transparent craftsmanship fee on top of the physical gold value

There are no other markups or hidden costs.

Once you find a piece you love at a price that suits you, add it to your cart. We’ll keep the price fixed for 15 minutes to give you time to checkout.

We believe this is the fairest way to approach selling and buying gold jewellery.

Reimagine jewellery as a gold investment

Using realtime gold markets to tie our prices to the live gold value isn’t our only innovation. We also invite you to rethink the ownership of jewellery, not simply as an accessory or heirloom, but as a liquid asset to invest in and trade.

Precious metals are deemed a safe-haven investment as they tend to steadily increase over time. We offer the opportunity to buy bullion grade jewellery at a price driven by its true weight and the option to sell or trade it later when the price is higher and you can pocket the difference as profit.

Since we’re inviting you to reimagine gold and platinum jewellery as an investment, it’s then important that we offer prices that make it possible for you to see a return.

Under the existing model of jewellery trading, with huge markups, you’re unlikely to see the price you can ask for your jewellery go up over time. It’s just not linked to any true underlying asset value.

Our 7879 way of setting prices means you can use jewellery to grow your wealth.

Why we add a fee on top of the gold value

Let’s address the elephant in the room: we do add a craftsmanship fee on top of the price of gold in the jewellery we sell.

This fee covers of manufacturing and includes design, labour, insurance and logistics and packaging.

Remember this is only a fraction of the massive markups over the gold price per gram that other jewellers charge. Its also in line with our company’s core values of being honest and transparent.

Craft and fabrication

The fee applied to 7879 jewellery primarily reflects the costs of designing and manufacturing our products.

You must remember, although we invite you to invest in the metal, you’re not just buying bullion. We work with independent designers who we pay fairly and cover the costs of production ourselves, this is why we’re not able to simply ask for the price of gold bullion.

This modest fee is the fairest we can offer while ensuring that we offer quality, attractive and durable jewellery.

Fair and ethical

We are committed to maintaining an ethical supply chain that fairly pays all those who have a hand in crafting your jewellery. The fee is a way for you to ensure that the right people get paid for their labour.

The gold and platinum in our jewellery are certified by companies who share our vision for keeping precious metals sustainable and ensuring responsible supply chains.

Pay a fairer, more transparent price for gold and platinum jewellery

We believe fixed and inflated jewellery prices are unfair for the consumer and harm the reputation of our industry.

We believe that the way towards a more progressive gold and platinum jewellery trade is through fair and transparent pricing.

We believe that investment in gold and platinum should be accessible for all.

If you’re ready to start investing in 24 karat purity, check out our range. If you have more questions about how our pricing works, or want to know anything else about how we’re doing jewellery differently here at 7879, check out our FAQ section.

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