Meet sustainable, guilt-free gold & platinum jewellery

We realise that precious metal and diamond mining can have a tarnished reputation due to the historic environmentally harmful and unethical practices of some producers. We're committed to sourcing our materials responsibly to help start healing the jewellery business and the planet. Our partnerships with leading ethical suppliers take the burden off at-risk communities and Earth’s resources.

Promoting a positive environmental impact

Choosing jewellery made from recycled gold slashes the environmental impact significantly. The pure, 24K gold we use is completely recyclable, meaning investing in its value doesn’t compromise your values. All of our platinum is also responsibly mined and ethically sourced.

We’re saving energy, water and CO2

We have taken huge care in partnering with manufacturers who are producing ethically and responsibly using only recycled gold and responsibly mined platinum. In addition, all our packaging plastic free and recyclable.

We’re shrinking your carbon footprint

Mining gold can be an environmentally-challenged business, and realising that each gram of mined gold is responsible for 36kg of carbon emissions can really take the shine off your jewellery. Investing in recycled gold, however, can shrink your personal carbon footprint by 2%.



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