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Our fee breakdown:

Our markup includes in-house design, artisan craftsmanship, hand-finishing, quality control, shipping, duties, hallmarking, storage, logistics, premium packaging and postage.

*Our retail prices = metal price + 7879 fee + 20% VAT

More value, less money

The real value of any jewellery lies in the purity of its metal. We only work with investment grade platinum and gold which are the purest form of these precious metals found on earth.

We price our jewellery by weight

To give our customers more value, we don't charge a premium for brand name. Instead, we set our prices based on the weight + a small fee.

Why our prices fluctuate

Our prices are driven by the international bullion markets in real time which means they fluctuate by the second.

Track your jewellery's value

As the price of platinum and gold rises, so will the value of your jewellery. Check your personalised 7879 portfolio to help you track the value of your assets in real-time.

Sell back at anytime

Our buy-back price is based on the current market price of the metal + a 5% transaction fee. Sell back, or upgrade when the time is right.

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