Welcome to the house of 7879

Our brand name is inspired by the elements platinum and gold, atomic numbers 78 and 79 on the periodic table. These numbers are not only integral to our name but also signify the exclusive use of these high-purity metals in our jewellery. This symbolises our commitment to offering products that embody unadulterated quality and luxury. Our mission is to combine aesthetic elegance with investment value, enabling our customers to invest in beauty through our pure and exquisite jewellery pieces.

We sell all of our metals by the gram

We’re doing things differently by setting our prices based on the weight of the pure platinum or gold in your investment, and not on branding and marketing costs.

Our price is the real-time price

Our prices follow the current market value of the pure precious metals from which our products are made. This way you can buy when the price is right for you, and truly reimagine jewellery as an investment to appreciate.

Our fee is fair and transparent

We apply a transparent fee to each item you buy. We’re being open about this markup because it’s a fair reflection of the craftsmanship that goes into our jewellery, and considerably fairer than the 1,000% markup you may be charged elsewhere.

Take command of your wealth with your 7879 portfolio

Your personal 7879 portfolio helps you easily keep tabs on your assets. Portfolio management sure sounds stuffy, but our platform lets you track the value of your jewellery at a glance to quickly understand how your wealth has grown. You’re free to relish your investments and delight in adulting.

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Buy jewellery to appreciate

Invest in the enduring value of 24K gold and pure platinum jewellery. We offer chic and contemporary pieces made from pure, ethically sourced precious metals. You only pay the current market price for the materials plus a fair transparent fabrication fee.


Track your wealth with ease

As the value of platinum and gold rises, so will the value of your jewellery. We’ll hook you up with a personalised 7879 portfolio to help you track the value of your assets in real-time. Check-in whenever it’s convenient to watch your portfolio flourish.


Sell when the moment’s right

When you’ve had all your fun with one piece of jewellery and the price is right for you, it’s time to sell that asset or trade up for something new. Just like when you first purchased, our buyback price is based on the current market price of the metal.

We only use pure, unalloyed metals.

Once you get past brand prestige and marketing, the real value of jewellery lies in the purity of its material. The purity of gold is measured in karats, with 24K being the purest and platinum is measured in parts per 1000. Don’t be fooled by the lustre any gold less than 24 karats has been mixed with other alloys, diluting its value. We only deal in 24K, gold and pure 999 platinum.

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Comparing purities


100% GOLD

The 7879 promise

This is literally the gold standard of precious metals. Jewellery in 24K gold and pure platinum has a reliable, trackable value that can be easily exchanged for cash. Pure gold even has this evocative warm glow that just looks more appealing.


75% GOLD

Our Competition

You only have one guarantee with 18 karat gold: it’s been mixed with 25% other material, like copper, silver, or another metal. Most jewellery sold as ‘gold’ is actually a diluted mix of 18 karats or lower, which narrows your resale options.


58% GOLD

The Highstreet

Only 14 out of 24 parts (58%) of 14K gold or 600 platinum is the metal it claims to be. That doesn’t stop high street jewellers from selling 14K products at an unfair markup that prioritises profit over purity.

Meet sustainable, guilt-free jewellery

We realise that precious metal and diamond mining can have a tarnished reputation due to the historic environmentally harmful and unethical practices of some producers. We're committed to sourcing our materials responsibly to help start healing the jewellery business and the planet. Our partnerships with leading ethical suppliers take the burden off at-risk communities and Earth’s resources.

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