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Investing in purity

Once you get past brand prestige and marketing hype, the real value of jewellery lies in the purity of its material. The purity of gold is measured in karats, with 24K being the purest and platinum is measured in parts per 1000. Don’t be fooled by the lustre any gold less than 24 karats has been mixed with other alloys, diluting its value. We only deal in 24k gold and pure platinum.

24K. The 7879 promise


This is literally the gold standard of precious metals. Jewellery in 24K gold and pure platinum has a reliable, trackable value that can be easily exchanged for cash. Pure gold even has this evocative warm glow that just looks more appealing.

18K. Our Competition


You only have one guarantee with 18 karat gold: it’s been mixed with 25% other material, like copper, silver, or another metal. Most jewellery sold as ‘gold’ is actually a diluted mix of 18 karats or lower, which narrows your resale options.

14K. The Highstreet


Only 14 out of 24 parts (58%) of 14K gold is the metal it claims to be. That doesn’t stop high street jewellers from selling 14K products at an unfair markup that prioritises profit over purity.

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