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Your 7879 personalised portfolio

Your personalised 7879 portfolio is the key that transforms the purchase of an accessory into an investment in your future.

It’s the space where you can view all your 24k jewellery purchases, track the value of your gold and platinum investments, and sell or trade your jewellery when the price is right.

To help you understand the power of your portfolio, we put together this quick guide for you.

Creating your portfolio

Setting up your personalised portfolio takes moments.

Creating a portfolio before you shop

If you know you’re ready to start investing in 7879 jewellery, you can create a portfolio simply using your email address.

Of course, there won’t be any items to view yet, but you can use it to track the price of gold and platinum and find the right time for your first purchase.

Creating a portfolio at checkout

When you’re checking out with your first purchase, you’ll be offered the opportunity to activate your 7879 portfolio. This means that as soon as the purchase is complete, you’ll find your new items in your portfolio.

Buying as a guest

If you’re not ready to commit to an account when you make a purchase that’s fine, you can always shop as a guest.

However, we’ll keep a record of what you purchase and link it to your email address. This way, if you do later decide to create a portfolio, everything you’ve purchased to date will automatically be added to your portfolio.

Just sign up with the same email address you used to make your purchases.

Navigating your portfolio

Your portfolio has been designed to be intuitive and easy to use. Still, it’s worth highlighting some features and functions you’ll find useful when managing your jewellery investments. Your personal price chart Tracking the value of your gold and platinum jewellery is simple.

At the top of your portfolio, you’ll find your personal price chart. Linked to public gold and platinum price charts, this tracks the precious metal markets to show you the real-time value of your investments.

You can filter by metal to zoom in on either your gold or platinum interests, and you can change the date range you’re viewing to better understand your investment performance over time.

Viewing your items

Below your price chart, you’ll find all the 7879 jewellery you’ve bought or been gifted.

You can use this as an overview to take stock of your gold and platinum jewellery investments, and view their individual real-time values, plus their price change over the date range you’ve selected.

Clicking on a specific item will give you a detailed view of that investment alone. The price chart tracks the price of this individual item, so you can see whether now is the best time to sell or keep sitting on your investment.

Selling your jewellery or trading up

While your gold and platinum jewellery is designed to be put on, not put away, there may come a day when the price is right for you to sell or trade up for another piece.

You’ll notice next to each item in your portfolio are the action options “Sell” and “Exchange”. When you select one, we’ll guide you through the simple steps to extract the value out of your investment.


Just like when you bought it, we’re transparent about the price you’ll receive when selling your jewellery. If you choose to sell back to us, we’ll pay you the current market price for the weight of gold or platinum in the piece, minus a 10% fee.


If there’s another piece of 7879 jewellery that’s caught your eye, exchange an item you already own to purchase it. You can use your existing investment as whole or part payment for the new piece.

Gifting 7879 jewellery

With all this talk of investing, we don’t lose sight of the fact that our jewellery makes an ideal gift. We’ve thought of that, too.

If you choose to give the gift of an investment, we’re making it possible for you to transfer an item from your portfolio into the portfolio of the lucky recipient.

If the person you’re gifting to has never bought from 7879 and doesn’t have a portfolio, all they’ll need to do is set up a user account as detailed in ‘Creating your portfolio’ above.

Once our gifting feature is fully launched, it’ll just take you a couple of clicks to move an item into another portfolio, where the recipient can track the value of their new investment as if they’d purchased it themselves.

If you have more questions about your portfolio, buying or selling 7879 jewellery, or how we track the value of gold and platinum, check out our FAQ pages.