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24K gold investment jewellery buyers guide

Few things in our everyday lives are as beautiful and as precious as 24k gold jewellery. It could be a wedding band which signifies years of happiness or a present you bought yourself to mark a special occasion.

Not only is 24k gold jewellery timeless, but it’s also a wise investment. At 7879, we aim to empower you to buy a piece which is both personal and valuable. Find out everything you need to know in this 24k gold jewellery buyer’s guide.

What Is 24K Gold?

Despite the rise of designer brands and marketing gimmicks, the real value of gold remains in the purity of the material. The purity of gold is measured in karats, and 24k gold is the highest karat gold you can buy.

24 karat gold jewellery is 99.9% pure. Gold with a lesser karat value, such as 14 and 18k, has been mixed with other alloys. This makes it less valuable by weight.

Although we only ever deal with 24K gold, we think it’s useful to learn about the purity of other karats. We want you to feel confident that your 7879 jewellery is of the highest quality, and you shouldn’t have to just take our word for it.

What does the karat stamp mean?

All gold jewellery is stamped with a karat rating. As explained above, karats indicate the purity of gold. This means you can tell the quality of your gold jewellery by looking at the stamp.

A karat stamp is made up of two or three parts:

  • A number. The number on the stamp shows you how many karats of gold are in the piece. 1 karat is approximately 4.16% gold. An 18K gold stamp, therefore, signifies the jewellery is around 75% pure. In contrast, 24K gold is the highest karat gold at 99.9%.
  • K or KT. Naturally, the K stands for karats. Don’t be dismayed or confused, however, if your jewellery has a KT stamp instead. These abbreviations are used interchangeably by jewellers.
  • Extra Letters. You may find various extra letters after the karat stamp. These are sometimes the maker’s mark of a particular jewellery brand or the initials of the craftsman who made it. That said, there are some other abbreviations to watch out for.
    • GP. This means “gold plated”, meaning that the jewellery has been plated with a thin layer of gold. This is an important mark to watch out for as it means only the plating is the karat stated.
    • GE or HGE. GE stands for gold electroplated. As the name suggests, this is another type of plating. HGE means heavy gold electroplated, which is more valuable than GE or GP but still a far cry from pure 24k gold.

Now you know how to read a karat stamp, it’s also worth looking at the different percentages of gold in each karat rating. To be as transparent with you as possible about the quality of our products, we’ve provided a quick reference table.

Karat Rating % Gold
10K 41.67%
12K 50%
14K 58.33%
18K 75%
22K 91.67%
24K 99.99%

Remember, 24K gold is the highest karat gold possible so never let a dealer try to sell you a 25 or 26K piece.

At 7879, all of our fine gold jewellery pieces come with a certified 24-karat stamp, a purity promise, and a reliable, trackable value.

What does 24K gold look like?

Precious pieces are as much about their appearance as they are their value. If you’re buying jewellery to appreciate, you want something that looks and feels beautiful.

24K gold jewellery is unique in colour. It has an incomparable yellow warmth, highlighting the beauty. This is because it contains no other metals; the higher the purity of gold, the more brightly and colourfully it shines

When you buy the highest karat gold jewellery, you’ll realise it suits all complexions, fashion styles, and eras. For this reason, it isn’t an overstatement to say you can never go wrong with gold.

What are the benefits of buying 24K gold jewellery?

There are many reasons to buy 24K gold jewellery over lesser karats, not least because of its purity. With purity comes value, beauty, and a whole host of other benefits.

As mentioned, pure gold jewellery has a rich appearance. This makes it stand out, especially in comparison to 18K gold which is paler in colour. Its distinctive look gives you an exclusivity which can’t be replicated by what’s offered by regular high-street retailers.

24K gold jewellery also stands the test of time. It’s something which can be passed down for generations, as it doesn’t corrode, melt at room temperature, rust, or go out of fashion.

Have you ever seen jewellery from ancient Rome or Greece? Consider how wearable it still looks.

Also, 24k gold jewellery may offer some surprising health benefits. It’s the most hypoallergenic of all metals, making it suitable for those with sensitive skin. What’s more, pure gold can have immune-boosting properties. Whilst it’s yet to be categorically proven if wearing gold jewellery has noticeable effects in medical trials, we’re sure wearing your beautiful pieces will increase your happiness hormones.

Finally, while you’re probably considering buying 24K gold jewellery for its timeless beauty, it also holds monetary value. At 7879, we believe in bridging these two ideas. We produce modern and stylish investment-grade pieces.

Is 24K gold jewellery a good investment?

Gold has always been considered a smart investment, as it rarely depreciates in value for long. In fact, professional investors often promote buying 24K gold as a hedge against other assets and inflation. ‘A hedge’ simply means investing in other areas to protect your losses. It’s where the saying ‘hedging your bets’ comes from.

In 2022, it’s easy to feel like your money isn’t going as far as it used to. Actually, that’s not a feeling but a fact. The British pound has sunk in value since 1975, and this year, inflation rose to the highest rate in 40 years. The stock and property markets have also become unpredictable. In contrast, the value of gold has increased 43.73% over the last 10 years alone.

All of this means it’s time to reevaluate where you store your wealth and how you choose to enjoy it. Buying 24K gold jewellery is seen by many as a savvy investment.

Which gold jewellery should you invest in? Buying 24K gold as an investment used to be soulless and impractical. Bullion bars are hard to transport, and gold stocks often have ethical problems. That’s where we come in.

7879 jewellery is simple yet stylish. This not only makes our pieces striking and bold but also helps them retain their value. Heavily embellished gold can be tricker to resell and may not appreciate in the same way.

Our collections are all designed to be elegant and investable but never boring. Our Bullion Collection, for example, is inspired by classic bullion bars yet can be worn every day.

Are there any risks of investing in 24K gold jewellery?

Of course, there are risks associated with any kind of investment, and you must measure these risks against the possible rewards.

The main risk of investing in 24K gold jewellery is that the price of gold could fall. Typically, however, its value tends to be quite stable. gold has a timeless appeal. Its coveted status never waivers, nor does its beauty.

As gold is always sought after and supply is limited, it’s considered by many to be a safe haven asset. This means it retains its value in times of uncertainty. Buying 24K gold may not be as lucrative as investing in other assets, but it’s usually less risky. What’s more, your piece can be enjoyed, cherished, and inherited.

How do I care for 24K gold jewellery?

24 karat gold is by its nature precious and delicate. Its purity means it’s softer than alloyed gold, but this needn’t be a worry. At 7879, we believe that your jewellery should tell a story. Marks and imperfections are part of that story, similar to life itself.

Superficial damage doesn’t affect the value of 24 karat gold, yet there are some precautions you can take to keep your jewellery looking its best.

  • Avoid scrapes. As mentioned, 24 karat gold is softer than cheaper jewellery. To reduce dents and scratches, take off your rings and bracelets before activities like sport, cooking or housework.
  • Clean regularly. As pure gold is anti-microbial, it doesn’t often collect dirt or grime. That said, cleaning your jewellery regularly allows it to shine as intended. You can clean 24 karat jewellery with a simple solution of warm water and dish soap. Avoid all harsh chemicals such as chlorine, and do not over-clean your pieces.
  • Store safely. While our jewellery is perfect for everyday wear, we understand you may switch up pieces for a new look. When not wearing your gold jewellery, simply place it inside the suede pouch we provide. This gives the perfect conditions for it to maintain lustre.

Now you know all about buying 24 karat gold jewellery, the only thing left is to decide which piece is right for you. Browse our newest collections to find something which perfectly matches your personal style.