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Investment Advice

The new age of 7879

We understand jewellery as more than just an accessory or heirloom, and we invite you to do the same.

This is an invitation to put aside how you think jewellery works; what it should look like, how it should be made, and most importantly, how it should be valued.

The 7879 concept is about gold and platinum investment through jewellery, and the opportunity to grow your wealth with the help of transparent pricing and 24 karat purity.

It’s a concept that turns away fromthe model of jewellery trading where you can pay above the odds for limited metal content. It’s above all a concept that borrows the benefits of buying gold and platinum as an investment and pairs them with the utility and glamour of owning jewellery.

Here we help you better understand this concept and how you begin investing yourself.

Gold and platinum investment through jewellery

Even if you’ve never quite got your head around how stock markets work, you may have heard that smart investors tend to turn to precious metals like gold or platinum in times of economic stress.

There’s a good reason for this.

The value of the British pound has fallen by 85% over the last 50 years, while the value of gold has increased by 1,800%. On top of that, platinum and gold values tend to go up while other stocks and markets are going down. Over time, they tend to be a reliable investment.

We make our jewellery out of pure, 24 karat gold and platinum so that it’s possible to invest in the metal in the same way you might invest in gold bullion or stocks.

Our prices are based on the weight of the jewellery and tied to the live gold price per gram.

Buying gold or platinum with 7879

When you buy 7879 jewellery, you’re making an investment in the truest sense.

While other jewellers inflate their prices by up to 1,000% of the true value of the metal in their jewellery, we stick to the current market price plus a modest fabrication fee.

Because you’re paying a fair market price, when the price of gold or platinum goes up, you can sell your jewellery for a profit, based on the value of the metal.

Your jewellery appreciates as you wear it. It is a liquid asset you can turn into cash at any time.

Here’s how it works:

  1. We make designer jewellery from pure 24 karat gold or platinum
  2. You browse our website and find a piece you love
  3. You pay for the metal in the piece based on its weight and the live market price of gold or platinum, plus a 30% fabrication fee
  4. We create a personalised portfolio where you can easily track the value of your jewellery over time
  5. When the price is right, you can sell your jewellery back to us or trade-up for another piece

This way, you can take control of your wealth while enjoying your jewellery every day. You can wear an investment, not an heirloom.

Why purity matters when buying gold and platinum

Let’s start with how precious metal purity works. The purity of metals like gold and platinum is measured in karats; the purest metals are 24 karat which means they’re 100% pure.

High street jewellers tend to make their gold jewellery out of gold that’s around 14 karat, which means only 58% of the metal in the piece is gold, and the rest is copper, silver, or other alloys.

While this makes the jewellery more dent- and scratch-resistant, it also reduces the value of the metal. Even other high-end brands aren’t much better, usually using 18 karat gold that’s only 75% pure.

How does this make business sense? Well, usually you’re not paying the real price of the gold or platinum in the jewellery, but instead paying for the brand name attached to it. These companies use marketing and brand prestige to justify markups of up to 1,000% over the real value of your jewellery.

Since we only use pure metals, we can use the current market price of gold and platinum to offer fair and up to date prices.

Gold bullion or stocks vs. gold jewellery

Let’s say that you decide that gold is a good investment, that still doesn’t tell you how to go about investing. In fact, gold investment can come in a few different forms.

The one that might come to mind most readily is the idea of buying gold bullion (i.e. gold bars) and keeping it stashed away somewhere safe. There’s nothing wrong with this, other than the fact that you own something you can never really use or enjoy. It’s just locked away gathering dust.

Then there’s the option to buy gold stocks. This way, you can still benefit from the rise and fall of the precious metals market, without actually having to handle the gold. This obviously has the drawback of you not actually owning any physical gold and perhaps having your money tied up in the investment when you need it.

We at 7879 think that for most people, jewellery is the best way to invest in gold and platinum. It’s still tangible and liquid like gold bullion, but it’s something to put on rather than put away.

Our philosophy is that enjoying your wealth as it grows is more important than having metal bars in a safe or numbers on a screen.

Fair and sustainable gold investment

If pure metals and transparent pricing are two of the main pillars of our brand, the third is our commitment to fairness and sustainability within our supply chain.

The gold and platinum in our jewellery is sourced in partnership with MetCon, a South African company which puts a sharp focus on social, economic and environmental responsibility.

Making use of recycled gold has less than 1% of the impact of mining new gold from the Earth, which is why it’s our preferred approach to sourcing materials for our jewellery. Our responsible supply chain also ensures that all those involved in the process are paid a fair share.

If you’re keen to know more about our 24k promise, our pricing, or our commitment to sustainability take a look at our FAQs.