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Platinum vs. gold: which should you choose for your jewellery?

You’ve heard the phrase, “all that glitters is not gold” before. Shakespeare may not have been talking about jewellery, but it’s certainly something to think about when considering platinum vs gold pieces.

Both platinum and gold are precious metals valued for their lustrous appearance. They also both make for potential investments and beguiling gifts. So how do you choose between the two when purchasing timeless and valuable jewellery pieces?

This guide discusses the main differences between these two stunning metals and how these differences may affect your jewellery investments. Keep reading to learn how platinum vs gold jewellery compares and which is suitable for you.


When comparing gold versus platinum, colour is the first and most obvious difference. Platinum is exclusively white, while gold jewellery can come in a range of colours.

In recent years, both white and rose gold have become popular jewellery choices. White gold is pure gold mixed with paler alloys, such as silver and nickel. Rose gold, on the other hand, is created by combining pure gold with copper.

Although we understand why you may be considering choosing one of these different shades of gold, it's important to know that 24 karat gold is only ever yellow in colour. The purity of 24 karat gold gives it a unique warm richness.

Both gold and platinum compliment all complexions and have an inimitable glow. They look beautiful against the skin, whether that's in the form of a ring, bracelet or pair of earrings.

When deciding between gold versus platinum in terms of colour, therefore, we’d suggest looking at your style choices. If you prefer cooler tones, opt for 7879’s platinum collection. This is preferable to white gold as it will maintain its shine for years to come.

Those who prefer warm shades can dazzle in 7879’s 24k gold jewellery. Whichever you choose, with these precious metals, you’ll always turn heads.


Your fine jewellery should also feel great to wear. After all, you always look your best when feeling comfortable and confident. The good news is that both pure platinum and gold are more pleasant to wear than lesser quality metals.

The comfort of gold and platinum stems from their purity. Most jewellery is a mix of a precious metal and an alloy. For instance, 18k gold can be gold mixed with silver, copper, nickel or zinc. Whilst these other metals help to create new colours and effects; they can trigger skin reactions.

If you have sensitive skin or metal allergies, you need to find hypoallergenic jewellery options. Luckily, as well as being stunning, both pure platinum and gold are hypoallergenic as they’re not mixed with anything else.

Besides skin reactions, comfort also comes down to the weight of your piece. Gold is generally lighter than platinum, depending on the design. You may find a lighter piece more comfortable, or you might love the heaviness of a statement piece.

When deciding between platinum versus gold, consider what type of jewellery you’re buying and how you want it to look on your skin. At 7879, our pieces are always designed with comfort and style in mind. Whether you want to opt for a chunky platinum signet ring, or delicate gold studs, we’ve got something to suit you.


As mentioned, platinum and gold both boast unique qualities when it comes to colour. However, as we want you to love your 7879 jewellery for years to come, we encourage you to consider how it will fit with your lifestyle and personal style too.

Many of our customers ask about white gold vs platinum. While they look similar and do complement each other, platinum retains its captivating appearance for longer due to its purity and strength.

In contrast, white gold usually needs to be re-plated after a few years. If you want something timeless, therefore, we suggest opting for platinum over white gold. It’s worth noting that 24k yellow gold also requires less maintenance than other shades of gold, making it another perfect choice for lasting luxury.

When it comes to 24k gold vs platinum, the aesthetic choice is yours. Both metals create vibrant jewellery that stands the test of time. If you want something a little less conspicuous, choose platinum.

If you really want to make a statement, however, the rare yellow shade of 24k gold might be for you. Remember, 24k yellow gold also contrasts well against diamonds – ideal if you want to mix your 7879 pieces with other precious treasures.

Durability and strength

Whether you’re buying jewellery to wear or as an investment, you’ll want to make sure it stays in the best condition possible. At 7879, we’re often asked, “Is platinum better than gold in terms of durability?”

In short, yes. Platinum is stronger than gold and more resistant. Platinum has a high-density chemical composition which makes it less likely to take on damage. What’s more, platinum’s unique chemical structure means that when platinum jewellery is scratched, you don’t lose any of the metal.

Let’s get scientific for a minute. The chemical compounds in platinum mean that the metal displaces on the surface when disturbed. So, if you scratch your platinum ring, for example, you can get it rebuffed and your jewellery will still weigh the same. Ergo, your investment won’t lose any value.

In contrast, when 24k gold jewellery is scratched, metal does come off the surface. That said, it’s very unlikely that your gold will lose significant value, and there’s plenty you can do to keep it safe.

To answer the question, “Is platinum better than gold?”; it’s completely subjective. You may find other qualities in this guide more appealing. We wouldn’t place too much importance on durability, especially if you follow our care tips.


We believe that marks in your 7879 jewellery add character and tell your personal story. We also want to reassure you that superficial damage won’t affect your investment’s value. However, if you’re purchasing one of our special gold or platinum investment pieces, it’s still important to think about how to maintain the piece.

You don’t want to impact the look and lustre of your jewellery, nor do you want to spend extra time and money on upkeep. Luckily, 24k gold or platinum jewellery is quite easy to take care of compared to lesser quality items.

The purity of 24k gold and platinum means you needn’t worry about polishing and replating. Instead, you can simply take care of your pieces at home to ensure they maintain their shine. This includes avoiding abrasion by removing rings and bracelets when doing housework or exercise, a regular cleaning with gentle solutions, and storing your 7879 pieces in the suede pouch they come in.

If low-maintenance jewellery is high on your list of priorities, we recommend opting for platinum. As mentioned in the previous section, platinum is the most durable of the precious metals and therefore requires less aftercare.

In any case, consider wearing gold or platinum pieces on rotation. Although it might be tempting to wear your favourite 7879 jewels all the time, you can make sure they’re always ready to shine by giving them a little time off now and then.


Although we always tell our customers to trust their hearts when choosing a piece of our jewellery, we also fully believe in investing in the enduring value of gold or platinum. It’s one of our founding principles.

With that in mind, it’s perfectly reasonable to question which of the two metals is worth more and which retains its value better. Most people think platinum is the more expensive of the two, but that isn’t always correct.

Platinum has a higher value than the likes of 18k and 22k gold. However, gram for gram, 24k gold is more expensive. Luckily, at 7879, our prices follow the current market value of these precious metals. This means you can rely on us to give you honest prices for the weight of your jewellery, and you can also buy when the price is right for you.

Investing in platinum or gold jewellery could be a good option if you're looking to enjoy your wealth as it grows. Both metals are indispensable commodities. Platinum has great importance in the automobile industry, whilst gold is considered a safe haven during times of economic instability. As both materials are also rare, the demand for them means they hardly ever depreciate. At 7879, you can choose between quality platinum or gold pieces or buy both. Our jewellery is made by skilled craftspeople, using stylish designs that allow each metal's unique properties to shine through. We’re also making it easy to gift 7879 jewellery, so your loved ones can also enjoy the timeless appeal of these two striking materials. To learn more about gifting and buying 7879 jewellery, check out our FAQs.