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The 10 essential pieces of jewellery that are worth the investment

Just like an LBD or a crisp white shirt, there are some classic jewellery pieces everyone should have in their collection. Whether you enjoy piling up your pieces or consider yourself more of a minimalist, a curated jewellery box elevates your style whilst retaining value and appeal.

To help you invest in perennial pieces, we’ve created this guide. We believe a good mix of these items will ensure you’re never stuck wondering how to add a touch of sophistication and shine to your outfits. Timeless designs also reduce the cost-per-wear of your pieces and ensure they’ll pass down from generation to generation.

Discover the 7879 classic jewellery pieces you need below, how to wear them, and why they’ll never go out of fashion.

24K liquid metal gold cuff

As far as classic pieces of jewellery go, a thin gold cuff can’t be beaten. It’s both comfortable and eye-catching and easy enough to style for daily wear. Use it to add polish to casual clothes and an understated pop to evening outfits. It’s also wholly unisex, making it the perfect piece to pass down to your loved ones.

Our 24K liquid metal gold cuff is made from one single piece of metal, giving it a minimalist look. Wear it alone to maintain this simplicity, or stack several if you’re more of a maximalist. The unique glow of pure gold also dazzles when contrasted with watches and tennis bracelets, so you can be sure it’ll be a piece you’ll reach for, time and time again.

Platinum medium hoop earrings

A good pair of hoops never fail to add a touch of attitude to any look. Whether you use them to toughen up feminine dresses or prefer a full rock and roll outfit, they can easily become one of the most hardworking classic pieces of jewellery you can own.

Whilst gold hoops are trending right now, our platinum medium hoop earrings are both timeless and durable. We use pure platinum to ensure they are hypoallergenic and damage-resistant, perfect for earrings you’ll have on heavy rotation! They’re also lightweight enough that you’ll forget you’re even wearing them—a stealthy touch of luxury and sparkle.

Platinum wings charm

Although many people think classic jewellery pieces must be plain to be timeless, at 7879, we believe the opposite. We want you to find special pieces as unfaltering as your dreams and personality.

Whatever you want your jewellery to represent, our platinum wings charm is a perfect choice. Whilst often used as a symbol for freedom, protection, and spirituality, we encourage you to attribute your own meanings and stories to this delicate charm too!

Wear this charm on a bracelet or necklace, stacked or by itself. You can wear a truly versatile piece all the time, no matter the outfit or occasion.

24k gold St Christopher pendant

When it comes to classic pieces of jewellery, a 24k gold St Christopher pendant is one of the most meaningful. Named after the Christian saint, it protects travellers and all who wear it. As such, our St Christopher pendant makes an excellent gift for someone setting off on a long journey. You can also wear it as a reminder to keep your adventurer spirit alive, wherever you are.

Pendant necklaces never go out of style, either. To be on trend in 2022, you can wear it layered with chunkier chains and other pendants to create a unique, carefully curated look. Alternatively, wear it alone on a simple chain to let the distinctive glow of 24k gold speak for itself.

Platinum star stud earrings

The power of stud earrings can’t be underestimated. In terms of jewellery essentials, these are your number one. Why? Because although hoops or dangling earrings make a statement, stud earrings give a nod to luxury whilst remaining low-key. This makes them your go-to choice for work and play. They won’t get in the way during exercise, nor will they attract too much attention at more formal events.

Many people consider studs to be a little boring. Put the sparkle back in this jewellery essential by choosing our platinum star stud earrings. A classic design for both men and women, the platinum will retain its lustre as well as its value. Wear alone on a day-to-day basis, and pair with stacked earcuffs and jewels on special occasions such as Christmas and New Year.

Diamond cut cable chain bracelet

A simple chain bracelet is a staple jewellery choice suitable for everyone. Its refined look gives a glimmer of glamour in a relaxed way, and it’s the perfect base for any charms that also make it into your capsule collection.

To ensure this delicate piece of jewellery still turns heads, we recommend opting for our diamond cut cable chain bracelet. The diamond cut finish gives it a brilliant shine and sparkle, so it won’t get lost when paired with other bracelets either. Available in gold and platinum, pick your perfect metal to suit your style. Opt for a matching look with watches, or collect a range of 7879’s staple jewellery pieces to create a unique arm party.

Platinum liquid metal signet ring

The classic signet ring is making a comeback. Traditionally used to stamp seals on documents, now they’re favoured for their bold, eye-catching design. This weighty jewellery staple makes a statement and, thanks to its history, also makes for the perfect heirloom gift.

If traditional signet rings aren’t your thing, choose our platinum liquid metal signet ring. The unique textured surface gives a modern edge to this timeless piece, and the pure platinum ensures that it’s as valuable as it is stylish. The platinum also ensures that the ring’s flat surface is hard-wearing and lustrous.

24k gold bullion bar pendant

If you’re looking for a staple jewellery piece that’s sure to turn heads, look no further than a 24k gold bullion bar pendant. This iconic design bridges the gap between the idea of classic investments and wearing your wealth. As that’s what we’re all about, choose this piece, and you know you’re in good company.

A gold bullion bar naturally signifies wealth and prosperity, which makes this the perfect choice for those who want to show off their assets. On the other hand, the simple shape of this pendant makes it a favourite of even the most modest of jewellery admirers. Either way, the warm tone of 24k gold is sure to compliment your style.

24k gold lion charm

Don’t dull your shine by choosing classic pieces without personality. If you love what a charm symbolises now, chances are you’ll love it forever, so why invest in anything less? We believe investment jewellery should tell a story, and if your story includes strength or courage, a lion is the perfect choice.

Our 24k gold lion charm is the perfect addition to any curated jewellery collection, as it’s the perfect reminder to be both brave and bold. The lion itself represents the fierce and fearless, whilst the striking shine of 24k gold never goes unnoticed.

24k gold stacker ring

Where would a timeless jewellery collection be without a gold ring? Perhaps the most classic of pieces, a solid gold ring looks good on every occasion. Thanks to its thin design, our 24k gold stacker ring makes a bold statement without being too flashy.

Slim, band rings are unpretentious and perfect for minimalists. You can let the ring speak for itself or stack a few to create a unique look. Mixing and matching with other 7879 rings also allows you to create new looks with ease – this is truly a piece that will never bore you.

Thanks to the quality of our gold, this understated piece is also the perfect wedding band to pair with louder engagement rings. The unisex design allows you and your partner to wear a matching set too.

As you can see, timeless jewellery needn’t be boring or uninspired. At 7879, we want to help you create a jewellery box full of personal and adored pieces. Whilst this guide offers you a starting point, why stop there? Browse our full collection to find stunning designs which pair beautifully with all of the jewellery mentioned above.

All 7879 jewellery comes with a lifetime warranty and a purity promise. This means once you find the perfect piece for you, you can rest assured its quality won’t fade. However, as we believe you’ll want to wear your classic jewellery often, we encourage you to read our care guide to learn how to keep it sparkling and beautiful.