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The top 10 jewellery trends in 2023

With the end of the summer approaching, it’s about time we took stock of the biggest trends. Stand out at with these hot jewellery pieces, or give someone special the gift of style and class.

In this article, we’ll show you the latest jewellery trends bound to turn heads. From layered necklaces to statement rings, we’ve got something for everyone.

The all-important statement piece

One of the year’s biggest trends has been the all-important statement piece, and we’re certain this won’t go out of favour soon. If you haven’t noticed already, maximalism is a major theme when it comes to AW22 and SS23 fashion, and that translates to jewellery too.

Based around influences from the ‘70s and ‘80s, maximalist jewellery pieces reject delicate styles and instead favour the big and the bold. This feels natural after the last two years – people are enjoying dressing up and going out again, and your accessories should reflect this.

By definition, statement pieces come in all shapes and sizes. To incorporate this trend into your jewellery box, you simply want something that speaks for itself. For instance, large hoop earrings are sure to dazzle against even the most flamboyant of garments, whilst eye-catching wide rings can be worn with all the latest nail trends, too. The idea here is more is more, so invest in a few daring pieces, and you’ll really make a statement.

Layered necklaces

Layered necklaces have been popular for a few years now, and this trend shows no signs of slowing down. The beauty of layered necklaces is that you can mix and match as you fancy.

Several stacked gold necklaces always look good, adding polish and shine to the most casual of outfits. Pair a delicate chain necklace with a chunkier pendant for a perfectly curated look which shows both your style credentials and your personality.

Alternatively, invest in necklaces of different lengths to draw the eye to your face. As far as the latest jewellery trends go, this is one of the easiest to wear. Layered necklaces look great with both evening looks and sweatshirts. Wearable yet stylish? We’re sold.

The layered trend is also the perfect way to start your solid gold or platinum collection. You can mix and match quality pieces with less expensive ones for now, then replace them as your 7879 assets grow.

Mismatched earrings

When it comes to earring trends in 2022, we continue to love mismatched pieces. While not everyone will be on board with wearing different earrings in each ear, we’re big fans of being able to express our unique style in this way.

If you’re hesitant to get on board with this trend, start by finding earrings of a similar style. Whether in colour or size, this is an easy way of getting involved without feeling out of your comfort zone. Our stud earrings are perfect for this, as they’re all the same size with different designs.

When you’re more confident, try mixing different metals or pairing mismatched studs with small hoops. We love a stacked ear party, too – all of our earring styles look great with ear cuffs and climbers.

Simple stud earrings

If you’re on TikTok or Instagram, chances are you’ve come across the Clean Girl Aesthetic. Consisting of a slick bun, neutral clothing pieces, light makeup, and an inspirational sense of order, it’s been one of the biggest trends of the year.

When it comes to Clean Girl jewellery, simple stud earrings are coveted. They add polish without fuss and elevate minimalist outfits to another level. If you’ve followed the Clean Girl trend, then this is the earring trend of 2022 for you. Choose simple small gold or platinum stud earrings for instant kudos.

If the Clean Girl aesthetic isn’t for you, don’t worry. Simple studs also play beautifully with other jewellery pieces. As they don’t distract from your other treasures, they look great with statement pendants, stacking rings and more.

Stacking rings

If you haven’t noticed the ubiquitous look of stacked rings this year, we’ve just got to ask where have you been? Often worn anywhere but the ring finger, Bella Hadid, Rhianna and Kendall Jenner are all fans of this jewellery trend.

What makes stacking rings so adored by the fashion pack? They’re very wearable and always make you look put together. They create a unique detail which shows off your personality, and you can play with different combinations depending on your mood, outfit, or event. Do we need to say more?

The secret to making stacked rings look effortless is to pay attention to thickness, metal and style. You want to achieve a level of contrast and an effect that doesn’t look too considered. Add small eye-catching details with signet rings, or play around with mixing metals for bonus points.

Our range of platinum and 24k gold stacking rings are the perfect place to start. Designed to fit alongside bigger pieces, they add an extra layer of style at all times

Chunky gold chains

There’s no doubt that chunky chains have been one of the biggest jewellery trends in 2022. As seen on the runways at Valentino and Hermès, the look combines a hint of ostentatiousness with polished perfection.

Much like the statement necklaces we mentioned earlier, bold gold chains are great to pair with casual pieces or maximalist outfits. That said, you’ll want to avoid wearing them with other necklaces. Let your gold chains speak for themselves and instead pair them with bigger earrings or rings. The aim here is more pulled-together and less Mr T.

Charm bracelets

One of the most nostalgic trends of 2022 has to be the charm bracelet. Back with a vengeance, they’re the latest in a long line of Y2K styles to top our wishlists.

The beauty of charm bracelets is that they transcend all styles, making them a trend everyone can get involved in. In addition, we’re big advocates of personalizing our jewellery collections with meaningful pieces - invest in something that represents your character and passions, and you’ll never regret it.

Our range of gold and platinum charms feature various designs, all with significant connotations. A fully-loaded charm bracelet also looks great stacked with sleek bangles. As far as trendy bracelets for 2022 go, this is one of the most adaptable styles, so have fun with it. Experiment and see what works for you.

Cluster necklaces

Much like charm bracelets, cluster necklaces are another customisable trend having a moment in 2022. Cluster necklaces feature multiple pendants on a single chain necklace, giving you a unique look without being too big or bold. Their understated appearance makes them perfect for everyday wear, whether with loungewear on Zoom or back at the office.

To start curating the perfect cluster necklace, first select a simple gold or platinum necklace. You want this to be of a medium thickness so as not to distract from the charms but not to look too dainty against them, either.

The next step is to add charms, of course. Select symbolic designs to express yourself, or stack initials to spell out your name. It’s giving Carrie Bradshaw, but for 2022!

Bold cuffs

Cuffs and bangles have been very popular in 2022, and they’re not going anywhere fast. Suits to both the Clean Girl and maximalist trends mentioned already, they look perfect on just about everyone.

Use our platinum and 24k gold cuffs to add a hint of glamour to plain outfits, or take your look from day to night with a series of stacked cuffs for extra arm candy. The sleek design of our cuffs means they also look great with a pair of hoops and stacked rings.

Statement signet rings

We couldn’t finish a guide on trending jewellery in 2022 without mentioning signet rings. Once reserved for public schools and officials, they’ve recently become far cooler. As seen on men and women alike at fashion week, signet rings perfectly toe the line between timeless and fashionable.

The key here is to shun the traditional idea of wearing them on your pinkie finger. A more contemporary approach is to wear them elsewhere and to mix them with other rings too. This gives a more effortless look, showing off your style credentials.

The popularity of signet rings is sure to continue well into 2023, so why not use the festive season as the perfect opportunity to invest in one for you or a loved one? As a unisex trend, they make perfect presents. A matching set is also symbolic of a strong bond - the ideal way to tell someone they mean a lot to you this Christmas.

At 7879, our aim is to bring you all the latest jewellery styles without compromising on quality. Whilst our pieces are on trend, they’re also built to last. This means you can invest in precious jewellery with confidence, knowing you can wear them for years to come.